Question and answers about the use and evolution of The Perfect Choice platform.

The Perfect Choice is an ongoing project that need time and help to be developed, cause it’s intrinsic difficulties.
In the following q&a some insight about it.

Question: How can I access your platform to see how it works? 

TPC: Unfortunately the dual-voting platform use is only available for Italian resident people right now, cause of legislative issues, however i’ll be glad to show you how the website works, maybe in a video, which would be exactly the same everywhere: the workflow of the method is explained in the user’s manual HERE and can be basically summarised in the next slide.

Question: How can I apply it to our governments?

The use of the Dual Voting system can be applied in any environment where exists a group of people in the need to make a common decision upon a disagreement, such as a government, when is time to write or delete or change some rules.
However in this case is the government itself that should decide in advance to implement this voting system in their routine, instead of using others inefficient methods.
This could be a difficult task to achieve, but is basically the final goal of The Perfect Choice: to be recognised as the best possible existing voting system and be used as much as possible, in any sort of group.

So, we are asking to advertise it as much as possible to potential interested people or institutions, knowing that you’ll have all the support needed from the creator of the system, to understand in detail every benefit that it brings along.

Spoiler alert: there is a way to somehow force a government to acknowledge the system… more info on this upon request!

Question: As you may already know the “new” Mexican government is about to take over the first of December 2018 and he wants to take into consideration the will of the people. How soon can we take advantage of your new platform?

TPC: Well, surely not very soon, unless there is not a specific request.
I try to explain briefly why.
A voting system seems to be one of the most delicate affaire to manage on line, more than credit card payments or top secret documents archive on the web.
This is due to many many factors: first and foremost the online account over an identity, that is too easy to duplicate and very hard to control.
So, at this moment in time, to offer a basic level of security to avoid this issue, we thought to use the “fiscal code number” that is a number used by the Italian government and is unique for every citizen and is hard to duplicate or fake, cause it is created by an algorithm that use people’s name, birth date, place of birth, and sex, to be created and rest unique for everyone.

So, basically, it is not that hard to copy the infrastructure and make it available for another country, however it has to be solved the issue of duplicate accounts for each and every country, using some method to allow and manage a unique account for each person on the platform.

There are many other security issues to cover, like hacking, to bring the on-line platform to be acceptability safe for a real government purposes, that need huge investments and/or expert people to be done, that’s why this will require a certain amount of time.

However, the system can be evenly used in the old fashion manner, on paper, because it is very easy and in the end is still a question of “counting balls into jars”, so nothing that requires a computer intelligence to be done.
That’s why is very important to understand the system and start to try it in small group of people, communities, schools or other premises right now, to test it and learn it.
You have all the support you may need for this.

Question: Can you create a simple-basic paper english version to test?

TPC: Sure!  It will be prepared and it’ll be available for download ad soon as possible.
In the meanwhile, you can watch the video below that explain how to run the system on paper, also you can download and use the basic excell file, that also contains some self explaining tips, linked below.